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Weird considering I'm fucking terrified of SAW...

You Scored as Saw

Saw is a fantastic horror movie. It contains some gore and the ending is unbelievably intelligent and unexpected. A must see film if you like horror films.

The Ring




Jeepers Creepers


Silence of the Lambs/ Hannibal/ Red Dragon




Friday the 13th Films


Final Destination


Horror Films are Not Your Cup of Tea


13 Ghosts


The Nightmare on Elm Street Films


The Grudge






I should update soon or something...
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yay bondage!

heh heh heh

YAY!  So I am, like, officially passing (at least for this progress report) both Film Studies and P.E. (YAY! No more repeating! 8D).  This is made of all sortsa awesomely good goodness!  XDD 

I'm not so sure about Computer Literacy; last time I checked I was doing OK (B+) but you never know, right?  I'm pretty sure I'm doing alright in Conceptual Physics, though I don't have a concrete answer.  I mean, I am missing a few assignments and all, but overall I've been doing fine.  As for English and U.S. History...  Well, I just took my test/turned in my notebook today, so I'll see when I'll see I suppose.  DDDX  *ish terrified*

I don't want to fail.  ;_; 

Writer's Block is all sortsa awesome.  I feel all loved and stuff since I was part of the "Invade Drama Club" committee.  :DDD 
The Murder Mystery thing shall be going as planned, methinks, so I'll just have to do my best to come up with character types and stuff.  I got a ride from Sara today, which was cool since I wasn't exactly looking forward to walking home...  I feel bad though since she was kind of low on gas.  :( 

ZOMG!  I found a download link for TrueBlood episode two on ontd_twatlight !!!  XDDD  

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WTF?!  My Garbage songs went POOF!  O_o;;

ER, yeah...  St00pid LimeWire.  Tis Lame-o.  >_< 

Will post later.  I needs ta procrastinate from doing serious point-worthy work

stalker like whoa


I don't mean to be all spammy, but... Oh, hell.  Sorry f-list, I iz in a spammy mood.  >_>;;;


But, uhm, yeah...  Hopefully my feetsies won't regret my decision later.  >_< 

I swear I'm gonna update when I get home!  HONEST!  
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Totally random and not what I should be posting about, but...

Midnight Sun is funny.  XDD  No, like srsly.  Totally funny.  I'm in page 15 and laughing my ass off.  Edward =/= ZOMG perfect boi in here.  Like, every other thought is "Why ME?!" and "I killz her how?  Right now, in a room full of ppl?  No, too many witnesess/my daddy wouldn't approve.  Lead her away to a dark secluded corner after class?  No, the idiot boy is eye-stalking her.  OH!  Her house is, like, empty!  YAAY!  No one can hear her scream!" :DDD 

Yeah... I should be getting ready for class or something right now.  Or maybe posting about my weekend?  Nah, too lazy.  D: 

DAMN YOU, SMEYER!  Why is you so amusing right now?  *tears of RAGE!*  :'(  

But, uhm, yeah...  Charlaine Harris PWN'd SMEYER.  XDDD  *ish addicted* 

'Cause, like, yeah...  If I had From Dead to Worse I would not be bothering with this crack!fic of SMeyer's.  XDDD  

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ERRR... OK???

The SEME or UKE Quiz
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You scored as The Optimistic UKE

You are the kindest, most sweet, and cutest of all UKE kind. This is not really a bad thing, actually it's very good. You may be the lowest level of UKE but you are also the happiest and most adorable. You are often a fan of things you can snuggle with and cartoons will never grow boring for you. You smile a lot and nothing ever seems to get you down which makes you a great match for the Gentle SEME. Be warned, though, my Uke-friend.. rough times await you if a Homicidal SEME lingers too close. You would do well to befriend a Sorrowful UKE as I'm sure your happy-go-lucky attitude will balance out their depression. On my last note I will say that ropes, whips, and chains aren't your fancies even if they are tempting - I'd stick to just the simple stuff if I were you.

The Optimistic UKE


The Devilish UKE


The Homicidal SEME


The Breaker SEME


The Sorrowful UKE


The Gentle SEME